Sunday, May 13, 2018

5C trip to K1

Ms. Angelas 5th grade class 5C went on a trip down to K1 on May 8th to experie
nce what it was like being 4 years old again. The cause of this little trip was part
of the fifth graders transitions unit, from the big leap to K1 to 5th grade.

The fifth grade students were so surprised they were speechless.
Soon the students got the idea and played along as they sang to song “ open
shut them.” The students read the book “who sank the boat?” as there math as they practiced their numbers.

The trip got even more ridiculous as the fifth graders sang and played the song
“ speckled frogs.” Soon the students were assigned to take pictures of ten differ
ent objects.

The experience was surely funny and hard to forget.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Art Exhibition

The art exhibition from 12th grade was a project they had been working on for two years.
I thought the all the artwork was amazing because they each had a unique meaning and some even had
a personal story to go with it.

One of the projects that really caught my eye was the on about war.
The first picture are hands full of blood to resemble violence and war. But if you look closely you can see
little leaves hidden in the blood to show life. I thought that it was fantisac the way the artist had hidden the leaves and really expressed the meaning of war and peace in a creative way.

Another one that I found interesting was a statue that was cut in half. It resemble the two sides of you.
For example the statue was a women the upper half was very tensed and had terror while the bottom
half was relaxed. I found it fascinating how the artist had resembled the women so perfectly but also with some mistakes to show no one can be perfect.

The third thing that was unique was a statue of a snake.
It was black but was also painted with red flowers on some parts of its body. The flowers represent that
a snake is dangerous but also misunderstood and peaceful.
There was also black blood coming on of the snakes body. I understood that the blood was because people hunt snakes.

I think that the art exhibition was very impressive and unique. It was amazing seeing the students
artwork with outstanding meanings.

By Hedvig Moller

This is a response to the 12th Grade art exhibition purpose a response is to retell and judge a event, object etc.
One thing i did well in my writing was use more exiting words.
One thing i would change is to have a bit more detail.

Monday, February 12, 2018

What are better book or movies?

Books and movies are entertainment that are enjoyed across the world.
Some prefer books with detail but some prefer movies with visual entertainment.

Books are definitely better because you will understand more and have more detail about what your reading and what the characters feels. Reading  can boost your brain power. Not only does regular reading help make you smarter, but it can actually increase your brain power. Just like going for a jog exercises your muscles, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good work out.

Books are also not that good for example if your reading a chapter book they sometimes take a long time to finish. Sometimes books can also be too hard to read or a little to mature for you to understand.

However Movies clearly are  better because you can see what things look like more. Movies are also faster to watch and you can follow what's going on easily.
Movies undoubtedly are not always be so great for example if a movie is based on a book sometimes the filmars change things from there original version. Sometimes they also change the character ANNABETH IS SUPPOSED TO BE BLOND!!!

In my opinion books are better than movies. Because they have more detail than movies and are the original.

By Hedvig Moller  

Sunday, February 11, 2018

fraction dos and don'ts

  1. it is false because you can't add the denominators without an nominator.
  2. this one is also false because they added the denominators
  3. this one is true because they added it the right way
  4.  because they multiplayed both of them 
  5. there are no numbers so i can not explain

Thursday, January 11, 2018

i liked democracy because you could hear everybodys voice and the leader as to listen to all of them.

Day 4 Reflection  
A democracy means a person who has a government to help
In a democracy the citizens have to a have a voice
The government has to listen
A democracy is successful if/when everybody has a voice
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel important
I would change nothing
I would keep everything
A colour I would choose to represent democracy would be yellw
A symbol I would choose to represent democracy would be people
An image I would choose to represent democracy would be people listing to
each other